Block Paving

Our full-service paving services include new installations, asphalt overlays, replacements, asphalt milling, patching and more. The rich black look and smooth surface of an asphalt parking lot will improve the appearance of any commercial property. The striking contrast of asphalt and white or yellow parking lot lines provides enhanced safety and clarity for drivers and pedestrians alike. Asphalt’s high durability and low maintenance cost also means your pavement will last longer and bring your business a higher return on its investment. Finally, asphalt is among the most commonly recycled materials in the country, which means you’ll be able to both improve your property and protect the environment at the same time.

Overview Of The Process

Before we begin the asphalt paving process, a thorough examination of the property will take place to determine the right course of action. If your pavement still has life in it, we may recommend a combination of repairs and an asphalt overlay. If the pavement has reached the end of its life-cycle it may be necessary to do a complete replacement. Once we determine the right course to take, we will begin the paving process. Once the asphalt has been installed, striping can be added for parking spaces and traffic lanes. Larger commercial properties will generally be paved in sections, so that customers can still access the business entrance while the project is ongoing. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks can also be installed as a part of the project.

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