Whether your desired dream project involves walls, flooring or walkways, we can create practically anything for you with high quality materials. We don’t just only use bricks and mortar either. The selection we have contains all types of elegant, natural materials including concrete tiles, terrazzo tiles, engineered stone tile, Glass tile, Porcelain tile, Travertine, flagstone, Slate, Bluestone, Limestone, Granite, Sandstone, Coral stone, concrete blocks, natural stone walls, and much more!

Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls can be used to create a flat usable space which will eliminate slopes. The wall systems are also used to build stairs, planters, fire pits, grill surrounds, and seat walls! Get the yard you have always dreamed of when you choose us for your completely-customized hardscaping project.

Benefits of Retailing Walls:
• Prevent flooding
• Keep soil in place
• Prevent sink holes
• Reduce lawn maintenance
• Prevent erosion
• Prevent damage to property


Please don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your home or commercial establishment’s steps or stoops. The team have many years of experience repairing, replacing, or restoring steps and stoops for hundreds of unique projects.

All of our work is guaranteed and we only use high quality materials. Did we mention that our pricing is affordable and fit to your budget? We’re a very flexible company that truly enjoy building or repairing stoops and steps in Nassau County, NY. Trust us when we say that we’re just as excited as you are to see the finished product. You can trust us to do the work for you in a safe and durable way. This means a full attention to quality and detail for your steps and stoops in Nassau County.

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